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Svend Hjort has more than 39 years service in the Danish Armed Forces, is a qualified test pilot (ETPS graduate) and has participated in the F-16 Full Scale Development at Edwards AFB USA, Operational testing of the F-16 at Hill AFB USA and EPAF countries, implementation of the aircraft in RDAF and as Commanding Officer AS Vaerloese responsible for implementation of the Challenger CL604 at Wing level in RDAF.


Svend Hjort accomplished some rather remarkable achievements during his assignment as RDAF F-16 testpilot at Edwards Air Force Base, USA:

- First non US citizen to fly the F-16, and number 19 of all (1977)

- Verification of the F-16 capability to substain 9 G in a level turn below 10.000 feet (2 times for more than 15 seconds)

- Verification of AIM 9 Air to Air missile fire at 9 G Mach 1.4 +

- Verification of empty a fully loaded Gatling Gun fire at Mach 1.4 +

- Salvo drop og nineteen 500 lbs bombs

- Arctic flight tests in Alaska (minus 35 degrees)

- Wind tunnel "Canopy Off" tests at speeds up to 200 Kts

- Danish long distance record flight in a single seat, single engine aircraft, from Hill Air Force Base, Utah to Leeuwarden Air Force Base, Holland (4.300 NM / 7.825 Km. A 9 hour and 50 minutes flight with 3 Air to Air refuelings)

- Several other "firsts"


Svend Hjort has from FEB 2004 till today been consulting for a number of US and UK Defence Companies. See business relations for contracts today.


Svend Hjort has frequent contact with Danish Defence Industry Companies.


Svend Hjort has more than 5000 flying hours in 33 different military aircraft.


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